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''What are you thinking?" the girl asked. "Nothing." ''You have to think something." "I was just feeling."
"How?" "Happy." “But I get so hungry," she said. "Is it normal do you think? Do you always get so hungry when you make love?" "When you love somebody." "Oh, you know too much 'about it," she said. "No." "I don't care. I love it and we don't have to worry about any. thing do we?" . "Nothing." "What do you think we should do?" "I don't know," he said. "Wh~t do you?" "I don't care at all. If you'd like to fish I should Write a letter or maybe two and then we could swim before lunch." ''To be hungry?" "Don't say it. I'm getting hungry already and we haven't finished breakfast." "We can think about lunch." "And. then after lunch?" 'We'll take a nap like good children." ''That's an absolutely new idea," she said. ''Why have we never thought of that?" "I have these flashes of intuition" he said. "I'm the inventive type." "I'm the destructive type," she said. "And I'm going to destroy you. They'll put a plaque up on the wall of the building outside the room. I'm going to wake up in the night and do 'something to you that you've never even heard of or imagined. I was"going to last night but I was too sleepy." ''You're too sleepy to be dangerous." "Don't lull yourself into any false security. Oh darling let's have it hurry up and be lunch time." They sat there in their 'striped fishermen's shirts and the shorts they had bought in the store that sold marine supplies, and they were very tan and their ha'ir was streaked and faded by the sun and the sea. Most people thought they were brother and sister until they said they were married. Some did not believe that they were married and that pleased the girl very much.